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A Halloween Illusion [prompt: Illusion]


A Halloween Illusion

requested by xkatie-t-x and laureloliver

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Tommy usually threw the halloween party when he was alive, but to honor his memory in a nice way, Laurel and Oliver through a big one at the Queen Mansion. The only…

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‘I want to see Laurel and Felicity training together’ - Anonymous
❝You're a ho bag bitch. Wait. Is this ic? I thought it was ooc.❞


You are a bitch and I don’t like you so I’m just gunna take this oppertunity to post a shit ton of Lauriver gifs JFC YOU ARE A BITCH OOC BRIT OKAY GO AWAY!



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If I see “Arrow” promos with Katie in something similar to this I will jump for joy. THIS is what Black Canary should look like!
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I remember my 8th grade quote “If he’s worth crying over-he won’t let u cry”. What the shit did I know in 8th grade? Now I wouldn’t dare say that."
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